February 14 - May 18, 2017
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 - 8:00 PM ET
All classes are live online*

*Both the February 14 and May 18 class are in-person and have extended hours (6-8PM).
If you are not local, streaming is available


Looking to kickstart your cybersecurity career?

Are you a student looking to learn more about the rapidly expanding field of cybersecurity? Are you currently employed in a role that requires familiarity with cybersecurity practices? Are you looking for a career change with massive growth opportunity? Our Cybersecurity 101 is quite simply the best way to kickstart your cybersecurity career.

The best cybersecurity training available

Our Cybersecurity 101 course is not like other college programs or certifications, because:

  1. You learn from cybersecurity professionals, Cybersecurity 101 not tenured professors who haven't worked with a Client in decades, or perhaps ever.
  2. You learn online, not in a college classroom. Other than the Kickoff (see right) and Graduation, all classes are online so you can attend from anywhere.
  3. The online environment is interactive, engaging and LIVE. You interact in real-time with instructors and other classmates, there are no boring PowerPoint slides to click through or pointless videos to stare at.
  4. You learn the most recent, up-to-date cybersecurity practices. Not techniques that were used years ago.
  5. You are eligible for employment at GreyCastle Security - we recruit students right out of the class to be our next interns and employees.

All this for half the price of other certificate programs.

Free (re)training for life

Cybersecurity is changing rapidly, and keeping up requires regular training. Students who successfully complete this course are granted free, unlimited access to future sessions of this course - for life!

What does the course cover?

The topics covered in this award-winning cybersecurity course include:

  • History of Information Security
  • Information Security Principles
  • Security Threats
  • Risk Management
  • Security Policies
  • Governance
  • Awareness
  • Human Resources Security
  • Asset Management
  • Data Classification
  • Cryptography
  • Network Security
  • Software Security
  • Incident Response
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance

How much is it?

Cybersecurity 101 is $1295 per student, roughly half of what you would pay for a college credit or any other certificate course.

When is it?

Cybersecurity 101 is a 10-week, 50-hour course that runs three times per year, check the registration page for the latest schedule.

How do I register?

You can register for Cybersecurity 101 online, over the phone, by fax, by mail, or in person.


What are our students saying?

"I took this class to expand my professional knowledge. I was not disappointed. As someone who has taught classes, I have an appreciation of what it takes to put together good curriculum - and you succeeded. The instructors were top notch professionals and did a great job exposing us to a broad range of focus areas."

"I like the overall content and how it made me think out of the box."

"The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught content relevant to current cybersecurity issues."

"The content was real-world applicable."

"It gave, what I felt was a good introduction to the subject of cybersecurity - which was my primary purpose for taking this class."